Software Development

As a software developer, I offer tailored solutions for any software needs. I work with modern technologies and emphasize close collaboration to develop robust, scalable, and secure software. My goal is to create the best solutions for your requirements.


I design and develop customized websites that effectively showcase your brand. Using modern technologies and responsive design, I ensure a pleasing user experience. From conception to implementation, I provide guidance and optimize your website for search engines.

PC/Server Setup

I provide comprehensive support for PC and server setup, handling the installation, configuration, and optimization of your hardware and software. This ensures smooth system operation meeting your requirements.



My software efficiently captures events in tunnel control centers and generates BASt tables according to the standards of the Federal Highway Research Institute. User-friendly, reliable, and secure. Capture disturbances, incidents, and maintenance work. Generate statistics and PDFs for comprehensive data analysis.


Upload and Download of Files to the Cloud

FileTransfer is a website and API for easy and secure file upload and download. Efficient and secure, developed in Rust. Users can upload files, generate links, and share with others. The user-friendly website allows straightforward file transfer without technical knowledge. Files are encrypted and deleted after a specific time period.


FoodMood is an API and app that empowers users to categorize, assess, and efficiently manage their nutrition. With features such as creating shopping lists, saving favorites, and recipes, FoodMood offers a tailored solution for individual dietary habits. Enjoy hassle-free shopping and access a comprehensive database to enhance your culinary experience.


Person working with HoloLens

RepAiReality is a research project at BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg that utilizes augmented reality for the repair and maintenance of industrial plants. Technicians receive real-time information and instructions via AR glasses and special software for efficient repairs. The project aims to reduce downtime, minimize errors, and improve the quality of work—an innovative blend of technology, research, and practicality for efficient industrial processes.


HiraKata Scan

An application for effortless recognition of handwritten Hiragana and Katakana. This aims to simplify interactive learning of Japanese characters and provide exercises for memorization.

iONA/Bosswerk Webapp

SmartHome integration for optimized power consumption. Real-time monitoring and effective use of solar power. Statistics and automation for cost savings and sustainable energy practices. Intelligent integration into SmartHome systems for efficient energy management.

FoodMood v2

A new app and improved API for an optimized culinary experience. Categorization, rating, shopping lists, and recipe management. Reliable communication and secure data processing. Statistics and personalized recommendations to enhance eating habits.


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