My software enables efficient event capture in tunnel control centers and generates BASt tables according to the standards of the Federal Highway Research Institute. It is characterized by user-friendliness, reliability, and security, allowing the recording of disruptions, incidents, and maintenance work. Additionally, it provides the option to create comprehensive statistics and PDFs for detailed data analysis.
Please note that the source code is exclusively accessible to buyers of this software and is not linked here.

Upload and Download of Files to the Cloud

File Transfer

FileTransfer is a website and API that allows easy and secure uploading and downloading of files. The platform was developed efficiently and securely in Rust. Users can upload files, generate links, and easily share them with others. The user-friendly website allows straightforward file transfer, even without technical knowledge. All uploaded files are encrypted and automatically deleted after a specified time period.

Person working with HoloLens


RepAiReality is a research project at BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg that utilizes Augmented Reality (AR) for the repair and maintenance of industrial plants. Technicians receive real-time information and instructions through AR glasses and specialized software, enabling efficient execution of repairs. The project aims to reduce downtime, minimize errors, and improve work quality. RepAiReality combines innovative technology, research, and practical application to make industrial processes more efficient.
Unfortunately, due to legal reasons, it is not possible to provide the code.


FoodMood is an API and app that allows users to categorize, rate, and organize their meals. Users can create shopping lists, save their favorite dishes and recipes. The platform enables personalized eating habits, stress-free meal planning, and access to an extensive database.

Simple Games with Java

This is a collection of games implemented in Java, including Minesweeper, Snake, and Pong. Dive into the world of Java programming and experience the implementation of these classic games. Learn the basics of game development in Java and enjoy gaming with these lovingly crafted projects. The code is available for exploration and experimentation to deepen your understanding of Java programming.